The meaning of ambition
  • 04.08.2023

The meaning of ambition

Pondering about #ambition and what it means for me today, 24 years into my career path. I must say the meaning of ambition crystallised for me in its fullness this year, evolved with me to its mature form.

I always wanted to do difficult things that would stretch me and push me to learn, this is my organic makeup, also in my private life. In the last 10 years I was interested in focusing on the digital industry and the calliber of searches I want to do with my team. This materialised in the form of #Clevel searches for top #ecommerce/#marketplace players and innovative #startups.

At present my ambition is to work only with people that I like and admire, that I enjoy working and communicating with, where there is mutual understanding and trust. This allows me to deliver excellence and help these companies and Executives thrive. I no longer tolerate Clients who do not see me as an equal partner.

So I managed to define precisely how I want to invest my energy, my talent and my super-skilled team’s efforts. I fulfilled my ambition and now I can cultivate it and continue to do difficult things with and for the right people only.

Where are you on your path with ambition, goals and fulfillment?


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Photo by Marian Chrzan