Having impact can be the biggest motivator
  • 19.10.2023

Having impact can be the biggest motivator

The Polish parliamentary elections have proven to us beyond doubt that when we show up, we make a difference. Our voice counts and we have impact on the outcome.

Having #impact is by far the biggest #motivator for Executive level candidates who change their job to pursue growth in their career. A vast area of responsibility is not sufficient to thrive in a role, we need to see and experience concrete impact on our area of accountability, feel the #results of our work.

An awesome job title or an extravagant salary package are not enough to keep us motivated and #driven. Why do we strive for impact so arduously? Because it gives us #meaning and we cannot thrive without feeling that our work, our vision, our input are meaningful and change #outcomes for the better.


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Photo by Marian Chrzan