Importance of feedback
  • 21.07.2023

Importance of feedback

What are your thoughts on giving others candid feedback? Especially in the context of selection, but not limited to that?

I have a deep conviction that giving people kind but honest feedback aimed at helping them increase their personal effectiveness is of great value.

Especially if we engage someone in giving us and our project their time and attention, it is simply respectful to give back in a way that will benefit them.

It also makes my work more meaningful, if I feel that I can contribute to someone’s improvement with my talent, which is manifested by discernment and clarity.

Based on the positive reactions I get, people really appreciate receiving feedback aimed at their betterment, pointing at aspects they are not aware of. They also appreciate the courage in telling them the truth for their own good without any hidden agenda or ulterior motive.


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Photo by Marian Chrzan